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Englisch 8 (B2/C1) Ferienintensivkurs  B2/C1 Englisch Ferienintensivkurs Linden oder Bismarckstraße

This course offers a choice of business-related topics, for example companies, people, sales, socializing, communication, brands, advertising or money according to level. It aims at teaching a range of business-related vocabulary, developing needs-related grammar, and the following work-related skills:

  • Presentations
  • Resolving conflict
  • Negotiating
  • Active listening
  • Asking and answering difficult questions
  • Making a presentation

Course duration: 2 Wochen, 3 SWS
Niveau: B2 / C1
Credits: 3.0
Grading: Klausur
Prior knowledge:

Für diesen Kurs sollten Sie entweder Englisch 7 bestanden haben oder durch den Einstufungstest in Englisch 8 eingestuft worden sein.


Market Leader 3rd Edition Upper-Intermediate, Business English Flexi Course Book 2. Pearson.

ISBN 978-1-292-12615-9

Type: Blockseminar
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